Controversy is OK.

In your postings and on your editorial pages, a bit of measured controversy is actually desired. Politics is a full contact sport these days and we need to strengthen our statements regarding progressive thinking. However, do not get into a shouting match, however much you want to. You cannot win these arguments and the entire right wing agenda is a waste of your time. It is OK to simply shut off discussion with an abusive reader by simply not answering their taunts.

Be Ready to Compromise.

“You can’t please all the people all the time” is a very timely suggestion when you are the Content Manager of a website. There will always be those who disagree with what you say and post. Remember that this is not your personal website but rather the organizations website so, say what you want but be ready to retract it IF your Board so directs.

It’s your Clubs Site.

Your CDC sponsored website is not CDC’s website but your Clubs website. Please feel free to personalize it to reflect the desires of the Club.


Below are articles you can use with our permission.

Some of these articles have been written by Club Members and others within our community and posted on several of our CDC Sponsored Websites. Others are links to articles and sites which contain important information or thoughts for us.

Our goal here is to sing our Democratic and Progressive song loud and clear to the voters of California. Educate them to the truth and reality of our message and how it affects them. We believe that they will then understand and vote for their best interests and ours in upcoming elections.

Simply copy and paste to your site as a Post or a Page

All of these articles may be used either as a page or post on your website. As you copy paste them you may need to copy the picture separately to your “Media” area and then “insert” it into the published item. If you have a problem with this simply give Tech/IT a call.

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