Achievements Under Democrats



– Social Security                        – Improved Veteran’s Benefits

– 8 Hour Work Day                             – Head Start

– Equal Pay for Women                     – Peace Corp

– GI Bill                                                   – Child Labor laws

– Medicare                                             – Credit Card Reform

– Civil Rights Act                                  – Stem Cell Research

– Medi-Cal                                             – Nuclear Arms Treaty

– Women’s Right to Vote                   – Israel-Palestinian Talks

– Troops out of Iraq                             – Small Business Tax Credits

– Public Broadcasting                         – Unemployment Compensation

– Wall Street Reform                           – Hate Crimes Prevention Act

– Raised the minimum wage             – Affordable Care Act

        These are but a few of the accomplishments achieved under past and current

DEMOCRATIC administrations.     DEMOCRATS deliver!!!
Democrats believe in a Federal government that works for
                “we the people”; and that creates “a more perfect union to …promote the general welfare”
                  VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS!!!!!