How to change the Wordfence Email Alert Notification Address

In due time ALL CDC Sponsored WordPress sites will have a security plugin named Wordfence activated and operating full time. Part of the setup includes an email address where the site will send security notices. CDC Tech/IT will set up the email address as the CMs email address. However, several sites have indicated that they have set up a different email address – usually with Gmail – to send the Wordfence Security Alerts to.

You can change the Alert Notification email address within WordFence by:

  1. Logging into your site / dashboard / Wordfence (left hand menu)

  2. Choose the “options” item from the Wordfence menu. This action opens the Wordfence Options page;

  3. Under the Basic Options heading you will see the “Where to Send Alerts” item with a box to the right;

  4. Put the appropriate email address in the box and then be sure to click on the Blue “Save the changes” button. This action will return a red notice saying “Your changes have been saved”.

  5. To assure that you have made the proper corrections and that they are working as you want them to you should log out of your site and then log into your site again. This action will prompt Wordfence to send an alert to the email box you specified on the Options page telling you that someone has logged into the site as an administrator.

 If you have any problems with this contact Tech/IT directly at

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