WordFence Security Plugin Operation

Tech-IT Working HardThe Tech/IT Committee(s) have added a new security plugin to our sponsored websites. It is called WordFence and the FREE version is really a marvel. However, like most things in life and the internet, it requires some attention on the part of the Content Manager in order to do its magic and keep your site safe from hackers.

This process is NOT complicated and can be fun to use to examine the traffic which shows up on your site.

Log into your sites Dashboard and locate the “Wordfence” item on the left hand column (Usually the next to last item on that list). Click on the Wordfence item. This action will bring up the WordFence Scan Page. You will see a “Scan Summary” window, a “Scan Detailed Activity” window and by scrolling down you will find a “New Issues” Section.

Looking to the left hand column you will see a “Live Traffic” heading. Clicking on this item will bring up the “Your Site Activity in Real-Time” This section shows the actual traffic logging onto and off of your site. (NOTE: IF you see a red notice stating “Live Traffic Disabled”, click on the “Performance Setup” item in the left hand column and set the “Caching” item to “Disable all performance enhancements” This action will allow full “Live Traffic” options.) Carefully review this list. Where you find  items of concern such as “attempted a failed login using an invalid username “admin” or logons attempted from foreign countries, you will note on the second line an option to “block” the IP. We strongly suggest that you click on the “block” to block this IP. IF there is more than one attempt from this IP your “block” will block ALL the other attempts. You can always unblock later IF you want.

At the top of this page you will find a “Learn More about Wordfence Live Traffic” link.

We strongly suggest that you read the documentation to fully understand just how powerful your control over who can look at your site really is an how to control these options.

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