We Want Our Country Back

(02/14/2017) By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA

Two decades ago Newt Gingrich (before he was booted out of Congress for his unethical behavior) and Dick Armey, those outstanding stalwarts of Democracy and the rights of the common man, put together the “Contract with America” which, in effect, shoved our country off a cliff. Gads what a pile of crap it was (and is for that matter) but then they did manage to sell it to the right-wing constituency which they represented, a constituency which avidly embraced it and carries it within their tiny little hearts to this day.

When we read this document today one wonders how Americans could be so ignorant and gullible as to buy into it. Especially as we, with the hindsight of history, can see that EVERY item within it was violated by the very people and party which espoused it! It boggles the mind and challenges our basic sense of morality, credibility and character, ALL of which were items held to such high account by the very authors of the document! Remember how they beat us over the head with the lack of character of President Clinton who had and has more character, honesty, integrity and decency then any of his detractors then and certainly more than anyone of them today.

Where are the writers of that pile of right-wing crap today? Well, that pious, bullshit artist Newt Gingrich is still out there fleecing the right wing for all he can get! And, they bend over and love it when he sticks it to them. As for Dick Armey, well he went on to make himself rich setting up the tea party and fleecing other right wing idiots to fund his “we got ours, screw you” campaign.

I can never fathom the depth of ignorance and gullibility of the American voter. I am simply awestruck every time I see it in action. Today we have the trump bamboozle. A billionaire struck from the same mold as that carney wizard who uttered “never give a sucker an even break!”. The pitch men and women follow that axiom exactly in their current assailing of the stupid, lazy and ignorant folks who have no idea of what the real issues are affecting the average voter.

We can draw from the lessons of ancient Rome and their demise from a good, functioning Republic to a corrupt and ignorant Empire. But, as Santana has observed, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them”.

We, the rest of the unwashed masses can be a bit thankful though. With the “so called” election of a bombastic, exaggerating, lying, blowhard, woman hating, better than and smarter than everyone else in the world, cock-of-the-walk trump in the White House, the silent majority of this country is slowly starting to wake up and smell the . . . . political bullshit of the conservative right and they do not like that smell. It annoys and aggravates them to hear a continuous drumbeat of how America is failing – it’s not – and that EVERYTHING that’s wrong is Obama’s fault – again, it’s not – and that ONLY trump (small letters intended to go with his small hands) and his minions know the way to salvation!! Sound familiar? If you have any knowledge of the history of the 1930s in Europe you can hear history repeating itself loud and clear.

In addition, the I believe that the conservatives have empowered the left in the same manner that the Attack on Pearl Harbor empowered America as observed by Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy just after that surprise attack: “I fear that we have awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve”. Let us hope that in the end the American people will do to trump, his lackeys and the Republican Party as America did to the Japanese. We became a greater nation after that confrontation and we shall become greater Nation again after this confrontation.