Real Freedom – The Blessing and the Curse

There is a blessing and a curse to that comes with finding real freedom.

The blessing:

“There are those who say that fate is beyond our command, that destiny is not our own. But I know better. Our fate lives within us. You only have to be breathing and awake to see it” says Merida at the end of Disney’s annimated movie ‘Brave’. This is the the true meaning of Freedom, that we, each of us, has the power within ourselves to control our own fate and therefore our own destiny. WE have the power, not fantasy gods and not the wealthy and the powerful.

The curse:

When we accept the blessing which brings the knowledge and thereby we understand the power within each of us we must also accept the responsibility that goes with it for our own life and its successes and failures. We must accept the good and the bad that each of us does as a fact of our existence as there is no one else out there to blame or to believe in.

Therefore, know this truth and it will set you free BUT that knowledge will not give you wealth, power, popularity or happiness. It will only give you the freedom which comes from the inner peace of knowing without belief.

Larry Johnson
Clovis CA
January 9, 2014