Turn OFF Comments

The Comments feature of WordPress is a great way to get feedback regarding your site. Each of the CDC Sponsored websites has an additional security/spam plugin called “Akismet” which  prevents most spam and bogus material from getting into Comments. However, may of our clubs/organization want to totally disable the Comments feature for various reasons so here is the way you do it:

Turn Off Comments:

1) Log into Website Dashboard;
2) Click on the “Appearance” item;
3) Click on the ‘Graphine Options”. This action will bring up a list;
4) Choose and click on the “Comments” item;
5) In the “Use WordPress settings” window, click on the pull down arrow. This action will cause a choice list to appear;
6) To turn off ALL comments, click on the “Disabled Completely” item. This action will turn OFF Comments;
7) Click on “Save All Options. You will see a brief notice appear to confirm your action.

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