Can’t Log into your Site

IF you get an error message which starts with something like Critical Error followed by a bunch of technical wording DON’T PANIC. Read the

We Can Fix It
We Can Fix It

error message and write it down. Then contact the Tech/IT Committee at or call Larry Johnson, VP Tech/IT at (559) 325-1976. Normally this error is due to a plugin on your site being incompatible with a WP Version Update and is easily fixed.

Or you may get a different error message regarding “Can’t find the page you requested”. Again, write down the error message and contact Tech/IT at or call Larry Johnson, VP Tech/IT at (559)325-1976.

We pride ourselves that we get on most problems within 24 hours of notification and have the problem fixed with 36 hours – that’s our pledge to you, CDC Sponsored Website Content Manager.

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