The following documents are designed to help you with your website operation and maintenance. Please feel free to download and copy as needed.

Content Managers Guide This is the original CM Guide prepared by the Tech/IT Committee to document the WordPress CMS for users. It is DATED MATERIAL and there are many sections which are no longer relevant however, as an overall easy to read “How To” guide we still recommend it to new CMs.

Quick Start Guide This guide was written to help with the initial setup of the CDC Sponsored WordPress Website. Most of the steps are completed prior to the Club/Organization CM gaining access however, this does provide a great background document.

Site Update Procedures In 2015 CDC Tech/IT initiated the security update program for CMs. This procedures guide explains the requirements to keep your site security updated.

Website Workshop Slides This is the basic slideshow for the Website Workshop given from time to time by the CDC.

WordPress Update Listing This is a listing of ALL WordPress updates and their effective/published dates. This list is updated by WordPress. Check here to see IF you have the latest version of WordPress.


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