Bogus Login and Hacker Attacks on the Increase

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We have noticed a marked increase in hack attacks and bogus login attempts over the past several weeks and while we understand that these are mostly crawlers and robots cruising the internet for whatever they can  find to get into, this still poses a threat to our sponsored websites. Eternal vigilance is a definite requirement these days  to hold off the bad guys. You can keep your site safe with simple procedures such as assuring that your WP is up to date with the latest version, that all plugins are updated to their latest versions and that your WordFence plugin is up to date and scanning.

You can check your dashboard main page for the following information which is generated by WordFence. The following is the two week report for this website just to give you an example. On this report we note that hackers use German and Ukraine IPs and continue to be the lead bad guys trying to infiltrate websites.


Top 5 IP’s Blocked

IP Country Block Count Germany   DE 304 Germany   DE 84 Ukraine   UA 69 Ukraine   UA 52 France   FR 32

Update Blocked IPs

Top 5 Countries Blocked

Country Total IPs Blocked Block Count
Germany   DE 9 394
Ukraine   UA 6 124
France   FR 5 37
United States   US 3 29
China   CN 23 24

Update Blocked Countries

Top 5 Failed Logins

Username Login Attempts Existing User
admin 1 No

Update Login Security Options

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