How Your Firewall Works

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(20170111) WordFence has published an easy to understand description of how the Wordfence firewall protects your site, while ensuring your WordPress site stays super fast. Since thyey introduced the firewall early last year it has been improved significantly. They describe it’s design, how it provides high performance access control to your site and recent improvements. […]

WordFence Security Introduces a Monthly Attack Report

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(20170105) IF you are interested in Internet Security and/or want to know more about website attacks, WordFence has introduced a new monthly report: The WordPress Attack Activity Report. The current report covers December 2016 and the attack activity they saw during that period. We have included a list of the top 25 attacking IP’s and […]

Tech Security Notice – The Cloud WAF Bypass Problem

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There has been an incredible amount of buzz around “endpoint security” this year. It’s a big shift for the industry away from a centralized approach to security. Instead the industry is now focusing on protecting the individual targets a hacker is after at the so called ‘endpoint’. Today we discuss a few problems with a centralized cloud approach […]

Please, Clean Up Your Website

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The CDC Sponsored Website Project has finally transferred ALL active websites to the new VPS server. That’s 79 websites sharing a single server. We share a single server in order to keep the costs down so that we may continue to provide this great benefit to our affiliated Democratic clubs and organizations. But, there is […]