Anatomy of a Hacker Organization

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This morning WordFence published an in-depth analysis of a criminal organization that is targeting WordPress websites. They analyzed their attack methods, how they benefited financially from the campaign they are engaged in and they show that US based law firms are continually filing lawsuits against this organization. WordFence includes data on the volume of attacks […]

All CDC Sponsored Websites Updated to WP 4.7.2

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WordPress problem fix 4.7.2 update was recently. It fixed a problem which allowed hackers to deface a website. Your CDC Sponsored site was automatically updated, however, we do suggest that you check the Current Version next time you log into your site. Certain vulnerabilities were fixed in the updated version. You can find more details […]

G Mail Phishing Attack!

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20170113 WordFence recently issued an Alert to all GMail Email users. The notice follows:   This morning we are publishing an important advisory about an unusually effective Gmail phishing attack that is being used to steal login credentials. This attack is fooling even experienced technical users and appears to be having a wide impact. In light of […]

WordFence Security Introduces a Monthly Attack Report

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(20170105) IF you are interested in Internet Security and/or want to know more about website attacks, WordFence has introduced a new monthly report: The WordPress Attack Activity Report. The current report covers December 2016 and the attack activity they saw during that period. We have included a list of the top 25 attacking IP’s and […]

Huge Increase in Brute Force Attacks

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During the past three weeks, WordFence has been monitoring a steady increase in brute force attacks. The last few days have seen a rapid increase in the number of attackers. This morning (12/16/2016) WordFence published the charts showing these changes and identified some of the attackers. They also share data on which hosting provider networks […]

New to Security?

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The CDC puts the WordFence plugin on all sponsored sites. However, you, the Content Manager, needs to understand the operation of this plugin in order to provide the best protection for your organizations website.   WordFence has provided a learning center as well as introductory material for you to use. Get started at this WordPress […]